Navigating how to finance your education can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we’re committed to making this process as clear as possible. There’s a big difference between the cost of your education (tuition, books, fees, living expenses, etc.) and what you’re actually expected to pay. That’s where financial aid comes in – it’s meant to reduce the gap!

Scholarships for Traditional Undergraduate Students:
To qualify for these scholarships, students must be admitted to the traditional undergraduate program, enroll full-time and be working toward their first Bachelor’s degree.

Warner Pacific Scholarship
The Warner Pacific Scholarship is based on a combination of the student’s unweighted cumulative GPA when admitted to the University and the EFC from the student’s FAFSA, ORSAA or Need Application. Scholarship amounts vary. This scholarship is not available to students receiving Athletic Scholarships.

Minimum scholarship amount:

Unweighted GPA
(high school or transfer)
EFC 0-10,000 EFC greater than 10,000
0-2.749 $3,000.00 $0
2.75-2.99 $4,000 $1,000
3.0-3.49 $5,500 $2,500
3.5+ $8,000 $5,000

Church Matching Scholarship
Warner Pacific University will match up to $500 each semester of church contributions toward education.   Church contribution required. Contribution must be received by the 10th day of each semester.  This scholarship is also available to part-time students and students working on their second Bachelor’s degree.   Download an informational letter for your church.

Athletic Scholarships
Students involved on intercollegiate athletic teams may be eligible for a scholarship to assist with attending university.  Contact the coach for additional information.  Minimum athletic scholarship amounts are similar to Warner Pacific Scholarship amounts.

City Builders Scholars
Warner Pacific is looking for diverse emerging leaders who love their community. City Builders Scholars are passionate about learning, eager to foster intercultural relationships, willing to step out of their comfort zones, are committed to serving those around them, and ready to make a difference on campus.

These scholars come to Warner Pacific University with a built-in support network, ready to engage the campus while pursuing their educational goals. The program is designed to meet the needs of these unique scholars, empowering them to follow their dreams and visions to impact their communities.

The City Builders Scholarship program is awarded to 10 undergraduate students. Each student will receive $2,500 each academic year they attend Warner Pacific University for up to four years. City Builder Scholars will act as ambassadors for the university through activities such assisting the Student Success and Engagement division with events such as: Knights Orientation, Career Fairs, etc. and/or attending university events with community members.

Application required. Apply today!

Scholarships for Adult Learner and Graduate Students:
Warner Pacific awards scholarships to students entering the Adult Learning and Graduate programs through partnerships with non-profit and public organizations.  If you are currently working for one of the organizations listed, reach out to financial aid to see what scholarships are available:

Centennial School District
David Douglas School District
Dress for Success
Gresham Barlow School District
Kairos PDX
Parkrose School District
Reynolds School District
Volunteers of America

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$12.9 million
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$1.9 million
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